Friday, February 15, 2008

{My Valentine}

Ah...Valentines either love it, or you hate it! Every year I tell myself I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, but it usually turns into something pretty eventful! This year was was no exception! Last year, Andrew proposed a few days before Valentines Day. Since he had done something romantic when he asked, I decided to take the reins and plan everything for Valentines Day. All he knew was to be ready by 6. I decorated my parents basement with white lights, balloons, tea candles, and made a nice dinner. I joked with him at the time that he was in charge of V-Day the next year, and boy did he take charge! If you know me, I hate secrets, but I get bummed when I figure them out (I know, an oxy moron...) but Andrew did a GREAT job at keeping on the down low. All he told me was to be ready by 5. Earlier that morning he suprised me with a single red rose as I was making his lunch, and when he came home at quarter to 5, he had a dozen pink roses! We left the apartment, and drove to my favorite restaurant Trio Cafe near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon! It's such a funky place! If you're ever in Salt Lake, you need to eat here! Andrew got the BBQ Pizza and I got the Baked Penne....oh so good!!!
Happy Valentines babe!

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JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

Your V-day sounded so romantic and magical. Roses, yummy food, and just love in the air. I can't believe I have never gone to that place to eat. I will for sure go next time I'm in town. I miss Utah whenever I come visit your blog. :(

You two make a very hot couple.