Sunday, February 24, 2008

{music to my ears}

A lot of you have asked how I added music to my blog. Here's how you do it!

I use You can search for thousands of songs and add them to your playlist! It's great!
1. Go to and set up an account. From there you can search for music and add it to your playlist.
2. When you are finished making your playlist, look at the very top of the screen of and you'll see a link that says "post my playlist". Click on that.
3. Scroll down to E. and click where it says "Get the code for any social network, blog, or your own personal website"
4. Next, click on your playlist
5. Customize it to autostart, shuffle and pick the color- then click "Get Code"
6. Copy the entire code and toggle back into your blog. Click on "Customize" in the top corner of your blog then click "Add a Page Element" (you must be signed in to do this)
7. You'll then click "HTML/Java Script". Paste what you copied into the box and click "save changes" You can add a title for your playlist if you want to, but it's not required.
8. Next, if you're still in the edit/layout area you can drag the music box to where you want it to show on your blog (i.e. the very bottom, the side, etc)
Good luck and let me know if this was helpful! I can't wait to hear some new tunes!

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Claire said...

We know Brittney and Andy from church, we were in the same ward until they bought their house. Then they left us and moved to WI. We miss them!! Brittney and I were due four weeks apart, but then Boston was early, Cecelia was 2 weeks late, so they ended up being 2 months apart. But we went through most of the pregnany thing together.