Monday, February 25, 2008

{hey...where'd it go?}

If you're wondering where the music went, fear not! It's still here! Some of you enjoy listening to my favorite tunes while you read (a few of you, including myself like it as a little background music while cleaning too), but I'm sure there are a few of you who would rather read in silence, which is okay too. If you want to hear the music, just scroll down and click the play button.

In the meantime, I thought I'd test this out for a few days...let me know what you think! If you want the music to automatically start playing, vote "yay" on the poll! If you don't like the music, vote "nay"! You can find the poll on the left hand side under my profile. Thanks!


Ashley said...

yay yay yay. i voted too.

The Fooze said...

Sis, I like the way you have it now, but you need to put the music higher on the page.

The Badgers said...

I like the music and think it should stay. Here is good blog educate I read about blog music.

"Having music played in the background may either enhance the pleasure of reading or annoy your visitor. Imagine the agony of surfing the web in discreet, only to catch the attention of your office colleagues or school teacher when the music automatically blasts off in the background. The solution is simple - have an option for the reader to play or stop the music."

I will keep hitting the play button but good call taking off auto play.

Anonymous said...

I like the option also, I SAY AS I SIT AT MY DESK IN A CLASSROOM ( DAMN THAT CAPS KEY!!) really, I wasn't yelling, haha. I like the music but I'm pro-choice!! mamalu

BECKY said...

I LOVE your music choice, but since I'm usually always at work when I check for updates, it's obvious that I'm not working when some random music starts blaring! :)