Thursday, February 21, 2008


If you've never experienced the sure bliss that is playing with B'loonies, do yourself a favor and drive to your local supermarket or dollar store and buy a pack! We got these in our stockings for Christmas and they're a hoot! They smell a little bit like rubber cement (ah...brings me back to a simpler time...I'm talking elementary school, baby!), but they're still highly enjoyable. Andrew and I busted out them out of their pack last Sunday for a little post church activity. They're great because it's a bubble of rubber and it never pops. We had contests to see who could blow the biggest one- Andrew passed out mid game, so we quit at that point, but it was still worthy of a post!
fyi- he didn't really pass out...but it would have been kind of a funny story if he did!


Brittney Andy and Boston said...

Andy put these in my stocking as well, he had tons of fun playing with Boston until I told him they were toxic. Guess they are just for Mama and Papa after Boston goes to bed!

The Fooze said...


I love how those things smell. Probably too much, in fact.

Ashley Forrette said...

Oh gosh! I remember those! What fun!!! Chris' mom always put such silly stuff in our stockings. we need to get some cool stuff like b'loonies :)

and yes, I agree.. I love your prices, but once you get a good client base you should raise them for sure!!! Your work is worth it. For now I would bring the $7s up to $10, even that is still a GREAT deal!

Chicago was a blast! :) but cold. Thanks for asking!

PS. I'm baking that pie for real this weekend... I'll post about it.


shannon said...
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