Sunday, February 24, 2008


Every day I check my email, and as it loads up, I anticipate what cyber space has sent me that day. As I sift through the regular mumbo-jumbo and see that someone had commented on my blog, I'm thrilled! If you're a regular blogger, you know what I'm talking about. For me, comments are what I blog for. I love getting comments from people & knowing that someone enjoyed my post or project gives me a little boost! I'm also a regular reader of all my friends blogs. There's something about getting to know someone and keeping in touch through a blog, and I'll be honest- I'm a bit of a blog stalker. (Don't pretend you're not...) And before you freak out, I don't mean that I find out where they live and sit outside their windows, peeking through the blinds! I mean as I look at my friend blogs, I'll usually check out their friends blogs as well! I just really enjoy looking at others blog's- especially when they have great ideas and/or great writing skills. In fact, I've actually found a few old friends (and new ones!) through blog stalking!
This leads me to my next point...if in fact you are a regular reader, or just happen to stumble upon my blog, don't be afraid to leave a comment and say hi! I LOVE random comments! My friend Ashley and I actually met through blogging! She left a comment on my blog, and we've been bloggin' buddies ever since! So don't be afraid to say hi!
P.S. Here's a little tutorial for those of you who are confused with the whole commenting thing...
~After you've read a rather riveting post, and you feel the need to comment, you'll notice this at the end of the post...~Click where it says "comments" and this page will pop up....

~If there are already comments, you'll need to scroll down and you will see this....~Type your comment in the box. If you have a blogger account, sign in and publish your comment. (Ya'll already knew that!) If however, you do not have a blogger account, you can still comment! Super eh? Simply click on the little circle next to "Name/URL" and type in your name or whatever you'd like to be recognized as (i.e. Mom, Sue, Queen Latifa, etc...). If you have a website, you can put it in the URL link; if you don't have a website, leave that part blank. After you've typed your name, click on the orange button that says "Publish Your Comment" and viola! Your comment will appear! If for whatever reason, you wish to remain anonymous, you may also click on the circle next to it and it won't say who you are, but where's the fun in that?Anyway, happy blogging and please feel free to comment! Thanks peeps~


Ashley said...


I love this post! :) I'm a total stalker too!

Hi bloggin buddie!

Claire said...

I'm a blog stalker too! Did you know they actually have a name for it... blurking... my hubby loves to tease me about my love for blurking!!

I'm a friend of Brittney Sartori... one day I saw your blog linked to hers, and I've been hooked on your blog since. I love all your creative projects... you inspire me!! One day, when I have time, I'll get back into the creative swing of things again!

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

I am such a blog stalker, I am a total addict. I check every blog I know every single day. I get annoyed when people go a long time without blogging. And I LOVE comments. I do this so people can keep in touch and I want to know that is happening. I just installed a counter so I can know just how many people hit it everyday. I love that Claire found you. I am going to tease her no end now. She is a friend from Arizona. As soon as I saw her name I knew what had happened!

BECKY said...

Oh how I love comments! I totally live for them!

Sarah Marie said...

I found your blog from a comment you left on sensibly sassy's blog and I love your blog so far!

As you can tell, I'm TOTALLY a blog stalker!

I just started my own blog a couple days ago and the comments are def. what it's all about! So far I think one friend and my husband read my blog, but that's OK cuz I'm having fun.

Anyway, your blog is great and I will be checking back in!

Anonymous said...

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