Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upholstery II

Now that I've blogged about the fabric for my chair, I think it's time you all get a visual, so you can really picture what fabric might look fantastic on it! Ripping the old, gold fabric off has been a blast! It is a GREAT stress reliever and I love the little treasures that fall out. So far, I've found two dimes, a penny, a Lego, and a gold toe sock! Oh the adventures of upholstery!

Many of you are probably wondering if I've chosen a fabric yet...well the answer is no! I'll have something by Saturday, so when I get it I'll let you know! Thanks to everyone who's commented so far with your opinions! And just so you know, I've decided NOT to go with the neutral. Yes, it would go with a lot of stuff, however it's a little too "safe". I want something that says "Dang girl, you one FUNKY chick! VA-VOOM!" Stay tuned!

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The Fooze said...

Sis, you one funky chick! :) I think I'll come up this weekend and see you guys!