Tuesday, January 29, 2008

{Moments of Zen}

My friend Lindsey had this on her blog and I thought it was hilarious! The Daily Show includes a bit called the "Moment of Zen." I thought it was a great contribution to her "Moments of Zen" section in her blog...I just might have to start something similar! Thanks Lindsey!


The Fooze said...

Shan, I had seen that before, but still LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF when I watched it again. "He was injured... injured real bad."

What a cute little meemo. :)

Anyway, I'll have to come by and see you guys soon!

Ashley Forrette said...

Hahah. Oh my goodness. That is soo freaking cute and funny. I just want to eat up his adorable little cheeks. Great video!

The Smith Family said...

I had this same video on my blog a while back. I thought it was SO funny. I can't remember what month it was, but there is another blue cross blue shield commercial that is SUPER funny too. (I just looked, it's in the month of May on my blog.) You have to check it out. If you like THIS one you'll LOVE the other one. Have fun!