Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Kitty, Little Kitty, Bitty, Pumba, and Kiki

I know that's a weird title for a blog entry. Those are the names of pets I have had.

Andrew has never had a pet. His family just never really wanted one. My family, on the other hand has always had pets! I grew up with cats, and now I have two of my own, but whether it's a cat or a dog (or any animal for that matter) that you grow close to it becomes a member of your family. They are always there for you, they will not judge you, and they love you unconditionally. I've had many pets like that, which is why this video touched me so much!

My brother wrote this awhile ago on his blog, but I thought it summed things up perfectly, so I'm borrowing it! He wrote, "A few years ago my favorite pet in the world died. His name was "Bigcat" (I know, a very creative name. :-P) Unfortunately he had to be put to sleep. In recent weeks he had been growing more and more sick, to the point where he wouldn't (couldn't) do anything but lay still, eyes open, with labored breathing. It was very hard to see him like that, but more than anything it was very hard to watch as the vet injected the clear serum that would stop his heart and brain.

I'll easily admit that I cried. I honestly loved him. We had him for 15 years. Isn't that awesome? Since I was nine years old! He was the epitome of what a good pet (be it a bird, fish, dog or cat) should be. He was loving, faithful, playful, and full of personality.

I'm sure most of you that read this have either had a good pet in the past, or have a good pet now. You remember that pet and smile, cause it matched you well. You probably taught it to do things like fetch, or roll over, or talk to you on cue. Maybe you "understood" the pet. Maybe it understood you. Ya know what I'm saying? Not like all weird, pet-obsessed or anything. Just a good mutual friendship between you and that animal. A great pet.

Well, I for one am very thankful for animals and their companionship. If you have never had a pet, let me tell you that you're missing out. Go and get one. Do you like dogs? Get a dog! Do you like cats? Get a cat! Do you like both? Get one of each! Buy them treats! Play with them! Cuddle with them! Did you know that it's proven that having a pet reduces your blood pressure. (go look it up) Anyway, Big Cat was a good cat, and I'll miss him."

My mom sent me this really beautiful video from YouTube. I tried to post the actual video on here, but I'm not sure how, so the link will have to do. If you've ever had a pet, especially one you grew up with, you must watch this video! I need to warn you though- you might need a tissue!

So, please take a minute to watch this and share your thoughts!

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The Badgers said...

That was sweet Shan. You know I am a pet lover. And so is Mike. I had many pets, none especially close but Mike only had one dog of his very own I think he got it when he was 9 and he passed away when Mike and I were engaged. We will eventually get a dog Mike says as soon as Jeffrey says the word :)