Sunday, November 18, 2007

St. George Weekend

Andrew and I went down to St. George this weekend for a homecoming on Sunday. We were going to drive down Saturday morning, but we decided we'd try to leave Friday night. Andrew and Cyndi met me at my parents house and we left around 9. It only took us about 3 1/2 hours to drive down (thanks to Andrew) and when we got to Hurricane, Teri met us and picked up Cyndi. We finally got to my Grandparents house at about 12:30 and fell asleep FAST! The next morning my grandparents made us a really yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, and yummy biscuits! We sat with them and talked for a while and finally got ready around 1, but it was so nice to just chill and catch up with my grandparents since we don't get to see them that often! After we got ready, Andrew and I drove into St. George and stopped by a cute little store called Real Deals that sells really cute home decor items at cheap prices! After we stopped there, we found this adorable little Soda Shop/Candy Store called Judd's Store. They have all sorts of old candies & sodas you can buy, and old memorabilia on the shelves and walls! We got an ice cream and ate outside- it was so fun!
If you're ever in St. George you definitely need to stop there! We also went and did a session at the St. George temple while we were down there. It was so neat because we got to see my grandparents while they were working at the temple- it was a great experience! Sunday, we went to Cory's homecoming and had fun seeing all the family again! I hadn't seen most of them since the wedding! Cory gave a really great talk (he just got home from Guatemala) and after sacrament meeting we went back to the Blake's house and ate lunch! We had so much fun this weekend and we can't wait to see everyone again on Thanksgiving!
The Beautiful Cyndi, Teri, and Shannon Crawford!
Handsome Andrew and Nate (ever since the Botox, Nate hasn't been able to smile...j/k)

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