Friday, November 16, 2007

Old Green

I hoped I would finish my chair last night, as it was the final class, but as you can see, I only got the inside wings on and started on the inside arms. I would have gotten more done, but I had to redo the wings 3 times! Let me tell you, pulling out about 30 staples 3 times is not fun! They still don't look as nice as I want them to, but I had to move on! I talked my teacher into letting me come in on Tuesday to finish, so I need to work FAST! The rest isn't really that hard, just tedious! I still don't know what to do about the piping either...I'm thinking I'll do a red ticking on the bias for a little contrast! Hopefully I can finish that before Thursday so I don't have to waste time working on piping. I'll keep you updated!!!P.S. I think the right wing looks a little tight...*sigh* I'll probably re-do that one...augh!

1 comment:

BECKY said...

What the!!! You upholstered a chair!!??? That's freaking awesome!!!