Friday, November 2, 2007

lost and found

I had a moment of panic this morning...actually, it was a few hours of panic. I lost my wedding ring. Yes, you read it correctly, I lost it. Now, any woman that is married or anyone who has spent a couple thousand dollars on a piece of jewelery knows the panic that ensues when you misplace it.
As I was getting ready this morning, I thought, "Shan, put your ring on right now so you don't forget it!" (because yesterday I was in a hurry and, I forgot it and felt naked all day) And when I didn't see it on my night stand, or on the dresser, or the bathroom sink I freaked! I went through EVERYTHING in our bedroom, looking under the bed, in the trash, and in every nook and cranny. The only other place I thought it could have been was my mom and dad's house because I was there on Wednesday getting ready for Halloween. I ran over to their house and again, felt sick when I didn't see it there. I was praying the entire time for Heavenly Father to help me find it. I even called my friends to pray for me! When I got back to my apartment, I looked all over again, and when I still had no clue where it could be, I knelt down and sincerely asked Heavenly Father to help me find it or to think of where it could be. The entire day, my thoughts kept wandering back to my two cats. My first thought was that somehow one of them might have eaten it, but I knew it was too big for that to happen. Plus, the though of rummaging through cat poop and clumps of pee was too much to think about. Then I thought, "What if when they were in here, they started playing with it and it's somewhere else in the house other than my bedroom?" So I started hunting...I looked under the table, my dining room chairs, under dressers...and finally remembered that when I can't find their mousy toys they are usually in the utility closet, because they get tossed under the door and they can't reach them. When I opened the door, I saw 2 colorful mousies, and at second glace, MY RING!!! It was half way under the vinyl. If I hadn't looked there, we never would have found it, and I'm not sure anyone would have! I'm so grateful for prayer and promptings!!! Here are some pictures of what I saw when I found it so you can get a better visual!


McCall said...

Oh my word!!! You lost your ring? I would DIE! I'm so paranoid about that. I don't even take mine's pretty banged up. Better a dent in the ring than no ring at all, I always say. Just teasin'. I've never said that. Ha.

The Badgers said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I would have freaked out! I can not believe you found it!!! Prayers really do work. Great story and way to blog it. Ha ha. You always have something interesting. Beautiful ring by the way. OK so about my blog. Mike does all the design work for our headers and decorations and all that other stuff. So he will have to explain. He was trying to explain it to Shelley the other night and she stopped him at "Windows WHAT? Forget it" she said. But I will have him email you some ideas. I will email you soon too!

Kat said...

Gorgeous ring! I love it! I know exactly what you mean about feeling naked without it on. I also know how amazing it is to pray and have thoughts come into your mind with solutions etc. It is such a blessing! I am a faithful beliver in prayer! It works everytime and I'm convinced of that! :)