Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've been Tagged!!!

The rules of the game should be posted at the beginning of the post. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I dream of owning my own home decor/interior design shop. I jump at the opportunity to browse around Hip & Humble, Artichoke & Co, Evans Store House, & other funky stores and get ideas for my future shop! I also love doing artsy/crafty projects! Whether its making cards, jewelry, upholstering, sewing, etc I love it! I just wish I had more time to get them done and a place to keep all my things organized! My goal is to make a lot of jewelry & cute bags and have a sale around Mothers Day!

2. Cleaning is my therapy! Whenever I'm stressed or anxious, I clean my house! I do enjoy a good deep cleaning and the satisfaction I get after everything is organized and spotless!

3. I'm the worst back seat driver! Whenever Andrew drives, I have to bite my tongue and refrain from saying things like, "Honey, watch your speed!" or "Andrew, let this guy get over!" or "Speed up!" Andrew thinks its hilarious when he knows I'm trying to hold back, and he just looks at me, knowing I'm about to explode and says, "What's wrong sweetie?" with a sly grin on his face!

4. I love to cook and bake! I just wish I had the opportunity to do it more! Andrew leaves for school at 4:45 in the evening and is gone till 10:30, so it's hard planning and making a meal when I get home from work at 4. My goal is to become a more creative cook and have at least 3 hot dinners a week! If you have any ideas let me know!!!

5. When I sleep, I have to have the sheet turned down over the comforter. I hate feeling the raw edge on me! I know- weird! But I've been that way ever since I was little! Even a sleeping bag has to be folded down a little bit! I'm sure this drives Andrew crazy, but alas, it must be done!

6. Sometimes I catch myself staring at Andrew with "googly eyes" as he calls it! Even my mom notices when I'm looking all lovey dovey at him! Who can blame me though? He's a hottie!!!

I tag: Karlie, Laura, McCall, Kat, & Cam (since those are all the peeps on my blog!)


The Badgers said...

That is fun. A lot I didn't know about you. I have done that before, but I could give it another shot. We are headed to Irvine California to spend Thanksgiving with Mike's parents. So I will have to do it when I get back! Have a good one!

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

I have been wondering what happened to you. I am glad you found me. You look so happy.

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

my son danced his bum off to the music on your blog.

Kat said...

I have to comment on this! Cleaning is my therapy too! (that and shopping, buying what I want and then taking most of it back):/ yikes. Cleaning is so much more productive though, I really should just stick to that.
No I can relate though. The satisfaction that comes to me from having a clean home that I worked hard to get that way is so great.

Ok, I am such a backseat driver too. It drives my hubby nuts.
Remember when we were in the accident together on 7th East downtown? Weren't we going to dinner at Tucci's or something? Haha, so crazy. That was sad though. Accidents suck.
You have darling taste- I have no doubt you will one day own your own place!