Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our "babies"

Many of you have requested more photos of KiKi and Pumba, so here you go! Kiki is our little girl, who is very sweet and usually pretty shy & quiet. When she's feeling especially lovey, she does her "baby cries" until you pick her up and cuddle her. She loves playing with Pumba and sleeping on top of the pillows in our second bedroom. Pumba is our little manly man! He absolutely loves his mousie toys, flinging and swatting them around, and he regularly sends us on "mousie hunts" when we realize he's hidden all of his mousies! He also plays fetch! Yes, Barry, Bitty wasn't the only cat to fetch! When we throw his toys, he runs to them, grabs them in his mouth, and brings them back to us, dropping the toy in front of us, waiting for us to throw it again! He is the funniest kitten! Pumba is also our "talker". Whenever I leave the room he is in, he runs after me, crying as if to ask where I'm going. He also greets us when we get home with a few meows. Some of Pumba's favorite things to do are climb the linen closet shelves, beg for food, and cuddle with Andrew. They are such sweet babies and they are always making us smile!

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Gavin & Laura Hansen said...

I LOVE your blog! Your cats are so cute! So, did you end up de-clawing them? I want to take an uphostery class! Maybe I'll get to someday...
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