Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I LOVE damask prints! If I would have found a great damask print, I would have used it for my wing back chair I'm upholstering, but I settled for a green tweed. (My plan is to accent with black and white damask pillows). When Andrew and I got married, he brought a little, plain, brown, wood ottoman with him to our apartment. Right now, it sits in the corner of my living room and holds blankets. I stumbled upon this picture on the Internet and knew exactly what I wanted to do to the ottoman!
I LOVE this print! All I need now is some foam, batting, trim, and fabric! Below is a picture of the current ottoman...not so lovely! I'm hoping to find some fabulous fabric soon and when I finish, I'll post my results!

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Gavin & Laura Hansen said...

I love it! Way cute idea! That will look exceptionally great with your green tweed! Cute!